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Key people

Meet some of the key players in the dotSec team.  You’ll enjoy working with them!

Mr Gautham Manikka

Head of Governance, Risk & Compliance

Gautham started at dotSec nearly a decade ago. He has extensive cyber security knowledge and works closely with organisations to identify and address security gaps according to compliance frameworks and for organisational certification.

Gautham assists organisations with PCI DSS and ISO/IEC 27001 compliance, helping to define a scope of assessment, select appropriate risk-based and best-practice controls. He also reviews the implementation of controls as part of informed security reviews using frameworks including the NIST CSF and CIS Essential Controls.

Gautham is a PCI DSS Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and is also an ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Implementer and Lead Auditor. Gautham holds relevant certifications including CISA, CISM, CRISC and CDPSE. He also holds a Master of Information Technology (Computer Networks and Information Security).

When Gautham is not sorting out a GRC compliance puzzle, he’ll be tending one of his many fish tanks, or testing out his current/favourite AI service. 

Dr Tim Baker

Head of Assessment and Testing

Tim has over two decades of cyber security experience, starting from his time at DSTC where he helped to implement the first Java Cryptographic Library and Architecture (JCE/JCA) outside of the United States.

Tim has since worked at dotSec, applying his inquisitive mind to great effect in the testing and assessment arena. Tim has conducted hundreds of penetration tests against web sites, networks, web services, network infrastructure, and just about any other target you can think of.

Tim has also developed and deployed proof-of-concept software that has evaded some of the highest-profile commercial EDR products you read about today.

Tim has a PhD in mathematical fields of symmetric functions and algebra, focusing on applications in theoretical physics.

When Tim is not sneaking down a cyber chimney somewhere on the Internet, you’ll probably find him sampling a choice IPA or testing the traction controls in his electric speedster…  not at the same time, of course! 

Mr Prabal Sahoo

Head of Managed Security Services

Prabal has worked at DotSec for nearly four years and has extensive knowledge of security across a range of areas including incident detection, management and response, social engineering, informed security maturity assessments (NIST CSF and CIS Essential Controls) and GRC

Prabal takes the lead on all of our managed services (MSIEM, MDR and MWAF) work. In this role he coordinates the SLAs and BAU activities for all our SLA-contracted customers, and is responsible for liaising with third parties to coordinate custom-search development, DLP-prevention measures and red-team coordination.

Prabal is a ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Implementer, Splunk Enterprise Security Certified Admin and Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin.  He also holds a Master of Cyber Security and a Bachelor of Technology in Electrical & Electronics Engineering.

When Prabal is not expanding his ever-improving exfiltration-detection rules you’ll find him at his favourite gym… those biceps won’t grow themselves, you know!

Dr Fiona Redhead

Founder and Head of Finance & Ops

Fiona manages DotSec’s project and financial operations, providing administration oversight and ensuring seamless interactions with customers, suppliers, and partners. This work results in financial processes that run smoothly; it also means that clear documentation for quotes, orders and invoicing are received  by dotSec’s customers and suppliers within appropriate time frames.

Fiona also manages project structuring and execution using Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence, Big Picture and Tempo, facilitating effective and low-overhead planning, communication and collaboration between dotSec staff and customers.

Fiona previously achieved her CCNA and currently holds a PhD from the University of Queensland.

When Fiona is not sorting out something in Jira, you’ll find her chasing Halo around a park… or enjoying a lunch with the accountants!

Mr Brent Watkins

Chief Customer and Revenue Officer

Brent is responsible for the identification of new projects, for maintaining ongoing customer relationships, and for ongoing customer satisfaction initiatives.

With 18 years’ experience in sales leadership and client management roles, Brent displays a passion for customer success that is driven by the delivery of quality outcomes that drive satisfaction and loyalty.

Through effective communication and proactive problem solving, Brent builds lasting partnerships, drives business growth, and improves the client’s cyber security posture.  

Brent holds a Graduate Certificate, Data and Cyber Management (GCDCM) from UNE Business School, and is a MBA Candidate, UQ Business School.

When Brent is not pursuing his next opportunity you might find him hiking up Mount Cootha, or dropping hints about the timing of the next dotSec social event!

Dr Tim Redhead

Founder and Director

TimR is responsible for dotSec’s strategic (sometimes tactical!) goals and direction.  

Prior to starting dotSec, Tim spent three years coordinating the security unit at the Distributed Systems Technology Centre (DSTC), a leading CRC at that time.  It was during that time that Tim thought it would be great to be part of a business where smart people could work in good company, build their career with a strong work-life balance, and achieve great outcomes of which they could be proud.

Nowadays, and contrary to cruel rumour, Tim does still do some security work, and has recently helped to achieve great outcomes for customers in some DLP, GRC and maturity assessment projects.  

Tim has a PhD from the University of Queensland and a BSc (Hons 1A) from JCU. 

When Tim is not embracing his laptop, you might find him trying to learn from Julia Child or Antonio Carluccio!



Head of Physical Security

You can run, but you can’t hide!  

In reality Halo is our office friend and unless you have chips, she’ll just be hanging around quietly for a pat and a scratch.  Good dog!


Place and culture

dotSec – A good working environment for smart people to achieve great outcomes.

But what does “good”, “smart” and “great” mean?

A good working environment is one where everyone is encouraged to grow, collaborate and excel, where everyone is treated with respect and dignity, and where people can grow their professional careers without putting their personal lives and interests at risk or on hold.

Smart people think deeply and consider consequences and alternative approaches before acting; they also crave knowledge and intellectual challenge, and so training is integral to the dotSec vision of creating a good working environment for smart people. To that end, dotSec provides significant opportunities for training and staff are highly qualified to deliver assessment and testing, managed security, and governance, risk and compliance services.

dotSec’s team members hold degrees and credentials from leading universities, industry suppliers and organisations, including:

  • Payment Card Industries Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) Qualified Security Assessor (QSA)

  • Splunk; Enterprise Administrator, Enterprise Security Administrator, Cyber Security Defence Analyst

  • Professional Evaluation and Certification Board (PECB); ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Implementer, and Lead Auditor

  • Information Systems Audit and Control Association Certified Information; Systems Auditor (CISA), Security Manager (CISM), Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC), and Data Privacy Solutions Engineer (CDPSE)

  • Bachelors, Masters and PhD degrees in computer science, mathematics and physics.
Which leads us to great outcomes. Great outcomes are achieved when smart people collaborate in a good environment, and when the customer’s expectations are met or exceeded in every engagement, project or task.  DotSec can only rely on our customer’s feedback to know for sure that great outcomes have been achieved, and the testimonials (included below) that have been provided indicate that is the case.
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