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Cyber security specialists for over 24 years

dotSec - do more business, more securely

dotSec is a professional cyber security organisation that was founded in 2000, on a single idea:  A business that treats security as an asset will operate more securely, and will be able to attract more customers, operate with less risk, and be more successful than its insecure competitors. Now, with over 24 years of national and international experience behind us, that one idea has allowed us to assist national and international clients across most industry sectors, and across all tiers of government. 

What our clients say:

Why dotSec? So you can do more business; more securely!

Risk and compliance

dotSec has over 24 years of GRC experience, and our team includes PCI DSS QSA and ISO 27001 Lead Implementer and Assessors. We know how to use security frameworks and standards to help your business manage and demonstrate its security maturity to clients, partners, insurers or other third parties.

Managed security

Take advantage of dotSec’s 24 years of managed security, systems design, development, deployment and maintenance experience, and avoid the troubles of recruiting, training and retaining infosec staff. Our team of skilled infosec experts will reduce your own management and HR pain.

Security testing

We provide your business with a wide range of testing services, using skills perfected over 24 years. Choose between penetration testing, phishing-simulation, adversary emulation and maturity assessments. dotSec provides the testing services that will meet your testing and assessment requirements

News and updates

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