Development and integration

Secure, managed hosting services

DotSec is a member of the Amazon Partner Network (APN), and we have over 18 years experience in the development of secure computing environments. We design, build and maintain secure infrastructure, we integrate security services, and we provide secure hosting to national businesses and government.

Web application firewalls (WAFs)

The risk of a successful attack against your web site can be dramatically reduced by deploying a managed Web Application Firewall (WAF) for all your Internet-facing assets, filtering incoming requests, reporting on malicious trends and providing your web apps and services with defence-in-depth protection.

Logging and monitoring services

You cannot defend against something that you do not understand.  Your business’ ongoing viability depends heavily on your ability to detect and respond to a security incident in a timely manner. Call on DotSec to assist with the deployment of your centralised logging, reporting and alerting service.

Identity and access management

From Kerberos back in the 90s to WS-Fed, SAML 2.0 and OpenID Connect, DotSec brings nearly 20 years of IAM development and integration experience.

Secure-software development

DotSec has developed secure services to support clients in the finance, health care, government and superannuation sectors, in both .Net and Java EE.

We build secure systems!

DotSec is a member of the Amazon Partner Network.

Have a look on the web: Most information security companies only do testing and assessment work.  Sure, that’s a big part of our work at DotSec as well, but we don’t just break things; we build systems for government and industry, and we integrate security services like WAFs and centralised logging services. And we’ve been doing this kind of work for 18 years!


Development and integration history

Information security is about enabling governments, businesses and individuals to do more business, more securely. DotSec has a uniquely strong history in the design, development, deployment and integration of secure computing services, web sites, and infrastructure.

Over 18 years of experience

DotSec has designed, integrated and maintained secure systems and services for a wide range of customers in the private and public sectors.


DotSec is a member of the Amazon Partner Network (APN) and provides managed, secure hosting, supported by Web Application Firewalls (WAF) and fully-managed security services.


Centralised log collection, aggregation, analysis, reporting and alerting systems for customers in the government, on-line services, financial and data-centre sectors.


Security architecture and infrastructural services including Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems (based on WS-Fed, SAML, SAML 2.0 and OpenID Connect) for government, utilities and finance.